Voice Artificial Intelligence Inside The Home

4Machines were invented to make our work light. And, computers are now being modified as an artificial brain. Since the beginning of 21st century, we have recognized the security and value that comes up with smart phones, computers and the ease of managing and monitoring devices for our comfort. Computers can solve all of our problems, but in limited realms. The advent of Artificial Intelligence by reverse engineering the brain through a simulation spread out over different types of personal computers, we can welcome a new era where machines can also think of their own and do tasks as assigned by us. The Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence displayed by machines. It works by perceiving the environment and taking action that increases its chances of getting success at a goal.

Do you know, Al can be used to maintain, manage and control all the materials at your home? The ultimate goal of Al was to use intelligence for scientific efforts. They can be used to solve any problems, and think like humans. Many companies are coming up with integrating artificial intelligence with voice control. Think web-connected speakers having digital assistants that already live inside them; one command by you and it starts playing your favorite music at a controlled volume. In spite of being surrounded by many innovative ideas on how to change the way we compute, voice control certainly looks the most promising one

From punch cards to use of keyboards to touchscreens, it’s amazing how human interactions with computers have progressed over the years. What’s the final borderline? Voice Artificial intelligence. In 2011, Siri gave us a flavor of voice control, which was widely applauded by people, but it is not smart enough to carry out all tasks assigned to it by us. We have already accepted some of the uses of artificial intelligence in our daily lives. From voice-controlled televisions to remote-controlled home lighting, and automatic garage door openers, we are now living with artificial intelligence surrounding us. With the new concept of smart house (homes equipped with sensors and smart devices that can control all the lighting equipment, machines, heating and all other appliances controlled through a computer, tablet or a smart phone), the vision of such unique developments can integrate into our daily lives.

Presently is the era of IT. The world is looking forward to the development of more advanced computers to support human beings in almost every real life situation. The use of Al in the homes brings a plethora of opportunities for us. Equipped with natural language processing, cutting-edge voice recognition, and deep learning technology, we can interact with the device for giving it commands related to the house such as music playback and recommendations, putting dehumidifier, air purifier on/off, configuring gas valve lock, and smart electronics plugs. As we use it more and more, it can evolve itself and improve its speech recognition capability and accuracy. Later on, voice Al can be used for internet shopping, collecting traffic information in real-time, and food delivery by linking it into an internet radio service, mobile navigation system, Audiobooks, and online news.

As with any marketplace, the advancement of such technology will boost commoditization, ease human work, and bring more business growth. This will make these devices more appealing and a default product at most houses. G